Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mommy Duties

It sucks being unemployed...


  1. Wow! Great cap. Love the humiliation, the breastfeeding, the cheating and the husband's reaction.

  2. Loooooove it. This one pushes all the right buttons. :)

  3. Yes, it does push the right buttons for me too. I love captions depicting a mildly humiliating switch where males are forced/tricked etc into being dominated beast feeding breeders who have to submit to the sexual demands of former subordinates. It is satisfying to see transformed males doing what females have always done. While females assume the traditional power of males. So, the male submits to female desires, bears and suckles children and is dominated sexually while women switch to being like males of the past physically and (to some degree psychologically. However, females will still be technically females carrying the eggs who impregnate now smaller males by inserting, in a very pleasurable sex act, the eggs they carry.
    Still, seeing any physical gender switch from a dominant male to the traditionally dominated breeding role satisfies even it not as I dream of in detail. Close is good enough to get me through another day.